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University of Sargodha Admissions


Established in 2002 The University of Sargodha (UOS) is a public educational institute Located in Sargodha City on the Main University Road. The University of Sargodha Admission 2017 is being offered with admissions in Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral Programs in 137 programs, it also offers high school education. UOS has showed a remarkable run coming up as a professional institute in a very short time period which is appreciated all over the country. Students from all over the country come and study at UOS and 400 other educational institutes are also affiliated with University of Sargodha. UOS has many facilities to offer like hostels, transport, cafeteria, indoor and outdoor events, sports gala, educational and research seminars, industrial trips and many other.

University of Sargodha Admission 2017

Programs Offered

Department of Arabic:

  • MA Arabic
  • M.Phil Arabic
  • PhD Arabic

Department of Islamic Studies:

  • BS Islamic Studies
  • MA Islamic Studies
  • MS/M.Phil Islamic Studies
  • PhD Islamic Studies

Department of Persian:

  • MA Persian
  • M.Phil Persian
  • PhD Persian

Department of Punjabi:

  • MA Punjabi

Department of Urdu:

  • BS Urdu
  • MA Urdu
  • M.Phil Urdu
  • PhD Urdu

Department of Education:

  • BS Education
  • B.Ed (Hons) Elemantary
  • M.Ed
  • MS Ed
  • MA Education
  • M.Phil Education
  • PhD Education

Department of Psychology:

  • BS Psychology
  • MSc Psychology
  • M.Phil Psychology
  • PhD Psychology
  • Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology
  • MS Industrial Organizational Psychology

Department of Biotechnology:

  • M.Phil Biotechnology
  • PhD Biotechnology

Department of Botany:

  • BS Botany
  • MSc Botany
  • M.Phil Botany
  • PhD Botany

Department of Zoology:

  • BS Zoology
  • MSc Zoology
  • M.Phil Zoology
  • PhD Zoology

Department of Chemistry:

  • BS Chemistry
  • MSc Chemistry
  • MS/M.Phil Chemistry (Analytical/Inorganic, Biochemistry, Organic & Physical)
  • PhD Chemistry

Department of Earth Sciences:

  • BS Geology
  • MS Geology
  • BS Geography
  • MSc Geography
  • M.Phil Geography

Department of Mathematics:

  • BS Mathematics
  • MSc Mathematics
  • M.Phil Mathematics
  • PhD Mathematics

Department of Physics:

  • BS Physics
  • MSc Physics
  • M.Phil Physics
  • PhD Physics

Department of Statistics:

  • BS Statistics
  • MSc Statistics
  • M.Phil Statistics

Department of Computer Science and IT:

  • BS IT
  • BS Software Engineering
  • BS Computer Science
  • MSc IT
  • PhD Computer Science

Department of Civil Engineering:

  • BSc Civil Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering:

  • BSc Electrical Engineering
  • MSc Electrical Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering:

  • BSc Computer Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering:

  • BSc Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • PhD Mechanical Engineering

Department of Technical Education:

  • BS Civil Technology
  • BS Electrical Technology
  • BS Mechanical Technology

Department of Pharmacy:

  • Pharm D
  • M.Phil Pharmacology
  • M.Phil Pharmaceutics
  • PhD Pharmacology
  • PhD Pharmaceutics

Department of Business Administration:

  • BBA
  • MBA
  • MBA Executive
  • MS Management Sciences

Department of Commerce:

  • B.Com (Hons)
  • M.Com

Department of Economics:

  • BS Economics
  • MSc Economics
  • M.Phil Economics
  • PhD Economics

Department of Law:

  • LL.B (Hons)
  • LL.M

Department of Communication Studies:

  • BS Mass Communication
  • MA Mass Communication
  • MS/M.Phil Mass Communication

Department of English:

  • BS English
  • MA English
  • M.Phil English

Department of Fine Arts:

  • BS Fine Arts
  • MA Fine Arts
  • Diploma in Painting
  • Diploma in Fashion Design
  • Diploma in Interior Design
  • Bachelor in Textile Design
  • Bachelor in Graphic Design

Department of History and Pakistan Studies:

  • BS History
  • MA History
  • MA Pakistan Studies
  • M.Phil History

Department of International Relations and Political Science:

  • BS Political Science
  • BS Politics and Parliamentary Studies
  • MA IR
  • MA Political Science
  • M.Phil IR
  • M.Phil Political Science

Department of Library and Information Sciences:

  • BS Library and Information Sciences
  • MA Library and Information Sciences
  • M.Phil Library and Information Sciences
  • PhD Library and Information Sciences

Department of Sports Sciences:

  • MSc Physical Education

Department of Public Policy and Governance:

  • MSc Public Policy and Governance

Department of Social Work:

  • BS Social Work
  • MA Social Work
  • M.Phil Social Work

Department of Sociology:

  • BS Sociology
  • MA Sociology
  • M.Phil Sociology
  • PhD Sociology

University of Sargodha Fee Structure

Th UOS Fee Structure is as below.

ProgramTotal Fee for
1st Semester
Total Fee for
1st Semester
LL.BRS 14,900RS 17,400
LL.MRS 25,900
PhD LawRS 29,900
BS Commu. StudiesRS 14,900
MA Commu. StudiesRS 14,900RS 17,400
M.Phil Commu. StudiesRS 25,900
B.EdRS 14,900RS 17,400
BS EducationRS 14,900RS 17,400
M.EdRS 14,900RS 17,400
MA/MS EducationRS 14,900RS 17,400
M.Phil EducationRS 25,900
PhD EducationRS 29,900
BS Fine ArtsRS 20,100RS 25,100
MA Fine ArtsRS 20,100RS 25,100
Dip. Fine ArtsRS 25,100
BS EnglishRS 14,900RS 17,400
MS EnglishRS 14,900RS 17,400
M.Phil EnglishRS 25,900
BS Pak StudiesRS 13,900
MA Pak StudiesRS 13,900RS 16,900
M.Phil Pak StudiesRS 22,900
BS IR and Pol Sci.RS 14,900RS 17,400
MA IRRS 17,400
MA Pol Sci.RS 14,900
M.Phil IRRS 25,900
PhD Pol Sci.RS 29,900
BS Library Sci.RS 14,900
MA Library Sci.RS 14,900RS 17,400
M.Phil Library Sci.RS 25,900
PhD Library Sci.RS 29,900
MSc Sports Sci.RS 15,600RS 18,600
BS UrduRS 13,900
MA UrduRS 13,900RS 16,900
M.Phil UrduRS 22,900
PhD UrduRS 26,900
BS Islamic StudiesRS 13,900
MA Islamic StudiesRS 13,900RS 16,900
M.Phil Islamic StudiesRS 22,900
PhD Islamic StudiesRS 26,900
MA Arabic/
RS 13,900RS 16,900
M.Phil Arabic/
RS 22,900
PhD Arabic/
RS 26,900
BBARS 17,900RS 21,900
MBARS 19,400RS 24,400
MS business
RS 25,900
B.ComRS 16,900RS 20,900
M.ComRS 18,900RS 24,900
BS EconomicsRS 14,900RS 17,400
MSc EconomicsRS 14,900RS 17,400
M.Phil EconomicsRS 25,900
PhD EconomicsRS 29,900
BS CSRS 15,700RS 29,700
BS SERS 15,700RS 29,700
BS ITRS 15,700RS 29,700
MSc ITRS 30,200
MS CSRS 36,700
PhD CSRS 40,700
BSc EngineeringRS 40,400RS 71,900
BS TechnologyRS 30,400RS 46,900
MSc EngineeringRS 39,400
PhDEngineeringRS 43,400
M.Phil BiotechnologyRS 39,400
PhD BiotechnologyRS 45,400
Phram-DRS 27,400RS 33,400
M.Phil PharmacyRS 37,830
PhD PharmacyRS 41,830
BS ZoologyRS 15,600RS 20,100
BS BotanyRS 15,600RS 20,100
MSc ZoologyRS 17,600RS 21,600
MSc BotanyRS 17,600RS 21,600
M.Phil Biological Sci.RS 26,900
PhD Biological Sci.RS 30,900
BS ChemistryRS 15,600RS 20,100
MSc ChemistryRS 17,600RS 21,600
M.Phil ChemistryRS 26,900
PhD ChemistryRS 30,900
BS GeographyRS 16,100RS 20,600
BS GeologyRS 16,100RS 20,600
MSc GeologyRS 19,100
MS GeologyRS 26,900
M.Phil GeologyRS 26,900
BS MathematicsRS 14,900RS 19,400
MSc MathematicsRS 16,900RS 20,900
M.Phil MathematicsRS 25,900
PhD MathematicsRS 29,900
BS PhysicsRS 15,600RS 20,100
MSc PhysicsRS 17,600RS 21,600
M.Phil PhysicsRS 26,900
PhD PhysicsRS 30,900
BS StatisticsRS 15,600RS 20,100
MSc StatisticsRS 17,600
BS PsychologyRS 15,600RS 18,100
MSc PsychologyRS 15,600RS 18,600
ADCPRS 23,400
M.Phil PsychologyRS 26,900
PhD PsychologyRS 30,900
BS Social WorkRS 14,900
MA Social WorkRS 14,900RS 17,900
M.Phil Social WorkRS 25,900
BS SociologyRS 15,600RS 18,100
MSc SociologyRS 15,600RS 18,600
M.Phil SociologyRS 26,900
PhD SociologyRS 30,900
MSc CriminologyRS 18,600
MSc Public PolicyRS 18,600

Admission Procedure

How To Apply?
For University of Sargodha Admission 2017 download admission form online for the respective department and program you want to apply (for more than one program separate form will be required). Fill the form and attach all the required documents and send to the office before the due date.


Phone: +92-48-9230811-15
Email: info@uos.edu.pk
Address: University Road Sargodha 40100 Punjab,Pakistan


    • Regular fee means the fee for candidates who get admission on merit whereas self fee is for candidates who get admission on self-finance basis.


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